Welcome!  I am a stay at home dad living in Connecticut who loves to hike.  I hike with my kids most of the time and my wife joins us on the weekends.  My friend Mike and I also started an epic Appalachian Trail section hike last year that should take only 25 years to complete.  I will chronicle my hiking adventures while offering information that you will hopefully find useful including tips for hiking with kids, my favorite hiking spots, and gear reviews.  Here are some things that are important to know about me.

  • I have two boys who are 1.5 and 3.5 years old as of today 3/24/16
  • My older son has amazing endurance and can out hike plenty of adults out there.  Think 4-5 mile hikes with significant uphills.
  • My younger son, the frame pack carrier he rides in, and other supplies come in around what my loaded should be with food and water.  He and his brother have been great training partners for my section hikes.
  • My wife likes to hike but does not like cliffs or camping.  We hike as a family from time to time and I occasionally take her out of her comfort zone.
  • I hike in Chacos and will talk anyone’s ear off about how amazing they are.  My feet are messed up so they are my primary footwear year round.
  • I use trekking poles and swear by them.
  • I am used to the odd looks when someone catches me singing camp songs on the trail and for the record you CAN’T ride in my little red wagon…

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